#Rumaysa is published and Waterstones Children’s Book of the Month for April!

There’s a blog title I never imagined I’d be writing!

Greetings, hello, salaam, etc. Rumaysa is officially out!!!! It feels like it took an eon to get here but she’s officially out there!

I’ve been really taken aback by the amount of love and support people have been showing Rumaysa, I never imagined it would get half the support it has. I’m really grateful to everyone who has been shouting about it and ordering – thank you so much!

And Waterstones Children’s Book of the Month?! Baffed. Never been so confused in my life. I feel so surprised when anyone likes my book but for Waterstones to pick it as their CBOTM . . . shook. But I’m so incredibly happy about it and once April 12th hits, I am going to every Waterstones shop I can get to!

It feels surreal to see people receiving their copies but I hope whoever reads it enjoys the book and the wonderful illustrations by Rhaida El Touny (@diddyeltouny on Instagram). I feel quite lucky to have my book illustrated by Rhaida; the drawings bring the characters and bring the story to life in such a beautiful way.

Rumaysa is out now and available for order from WaterstonesThe Rocketship BookshopBookshop.orgAmazonWHSMiths and Foyles and many more.

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